How could one make a clickable link (so it is opened in the browser) out of a non-clickable one?

How could one make a clickable link (so it is opened in e.g. the browser) in a document or folder out of a non-clickable one or more than one awith one or two clicks / easily / fast?

Select the text of the link, then Edit > Add Link. This is will bring up a dialogue box with the selected text filled it and a suitable protocol (in this case, ‘web’, because the selection is an internet link). Press OK and you’re done.

At least, that’s how you do it on the Mac and in the Windows Beta and I don’t remember it being any different in previous versions.


Thank you !

It is “Link” in “Edit”, I assume. I cannot get it working. This is shown (the link marked before):

When I click OK and click the start page / a new Firefox window is shown (not the linked page).

The link (not clickable) is already available in the document.

Am I missing anything? I have quite many non-clickable links, so it would be good to convert them with less clicks as possible or more links than one together.

Usually I can drag and drop a link from Firefox (or another browser) to a document or folder, but suddenly it does not work anymore and this is shown:

I’ve often had problems with links that begin https (not http), which are now quite common. Scrivener’s supplied http prefix can’t accommodate this. You have to use the “no prefix” option.

That does not work here either, it does not make the link clickable as well. Just changes its format to blue.

I haven’t encountered that before, so I don’t think I have any useful advice. Pretty much any properly-formed URL pasted or typed into the Link dialog with “No prefix” selected will produce a clickable result for me. The usual suggestion might be: close Scrivener and restart it, or even reboot the computer; but you may already have done that. I assume you’re using v. 1.9.x, not the beta of v. 3?

Now it suddenly works, without restarting anything, any idea why, didn’t change anything by intention.

So it works per single link only, one cannot make clickable more than one link at a time.

Yes, not the beta, I have this version:

Glad to hear it’s working, even if there’s no clear reason why! I’m told that in the early days of computers, people perceived that the great thing about them was that the same input would always produce the same results. Wonder how long that lasted! :smiley:

WRT making more than one link at a time clickable, that could only happen if the program automated the process, e.g., by selecting the link text and pressing Ctrl+K. Since each link URL has to be added into the Link dialog manually, only one at a time can be converted. I hope that in v. 3 it may be better.

Well, that must have been sorcery, pure magic. Cannot even imagine such is possible, one presses the X key and gets an X, not a U or Q, unbelievable, or my perception fails, is out of control.

Yes, that is plausibe, no way to do it at the moment. Yes, would be a nice option.

Many thanks, David!

Glad to help, Biff!