How could one remove one single item from "Recent projects" instead of removing all of the items?

How could one remove one single item from the menu instead of removing all of the items:

By opening enough other projects that the project you don’t want to see there drops off the list.

Thank you very much!

I have any idea of anything, but somehow that method does not sound extremely convenient.

Many thanks again

In a native Windows app, the MRU (most recently used) feature isn’t meant to be user-editable – it’s simply breadcrumbs of the last X documents you opened, on the theory that you’re more likely to open them again. Usually, it’s contained within the registry and the program simply calls the correct API calls as you open files. I doubt anyone would be happy with me saying, “Well, just fire up the registry editor and go remove the offending entries” as that’s a great way to mess up Windows.

How this all works with the Qt framework in the mix, I do not know.

That leaves me with “Go open X other projects so you the one you don’t want drops off the list.”

Sorry if it wasn’t the most helpful advice for you, but sometimes, the answer really is “you can’t do that.”

No, no, no reason to say sorry, indeed, “you can’t do that” does not sound that good either, so it was a good thought to rather mention that method.

Many thanks anyway.

Another approach would be to (1) decide which projects you want to see on that list; (2) open them, as devinganger suggests; (3) go to Tools > Options > General, and set Number of Recent Projects to a number that will only include those that you want to see. That should drop the unwanted ones off the list. You can always set the Number of Recent Projects to a higher number again if you want. Still not very elegant, though.

OK, thank you David.

Yes, a good idea. I would have to repeat the procedure each time after I have opened a project I do not want to have in that list, I assume.

I will try it at next occasion.

Many thanks again