How could Scrivener keep the size of the “Keywords” window after closing / opening?

How could Scrivener keep the size (and position, and the items / keywords like they were at last) of the “Keywords” window after closing / opening?

Could one get the “Keywords” window (with ALT+TAB) behind Scrivener (instead of closing it) and back / in front of Scrivener?

It can’t! But you can keep the keywords window open as you’re working. if I’m doing a batch of keyword adding, I tend to tuck the keyword window at the bottom of the Inspector, then minimise the General Meta-Data and Synopsis panes. This makes the keywords pane pretty large, plenty of room for adding keywords, while keeping the keywords window open too, even if it’s enlarged so you can see all your keywords.

I don’t think there’s a way of hiding the keywords window behind Scrivener.

Many thanks Mrs Tiggy-Winkle.

Yes, that’s true, but the window sometimes / often stands in the way a bit.

Ah, sorry, I meant this window:

Yes, I know. When I was referring to the ‘keywords window’ I meant the window you show in your screen shot. When I referred to the ‘keywords pane’ I meant the pane displayed in the Inspector which lists the keywords attributed to a certain file. I like to keep both open so I can drag and drop keywords from the ‘window’ to the ‘pane’, and I find there’s enough room to do this if I minimise the other elements of the Inspector. It works for me, but maybe it doesn’t suit your way of doing things?

Yes, yes, sometimes the window might get a bit inconvenient.

Alright, I understand, yes, indeed, that is a good manner to handle the window(s) / pane like you do it.

Many thanks again