How did I create a window with two projects??? I love it, but not sure how to recreate it

Somehow, I created a window containing two projects which allows me to select the project I want to work on by highlighting its title in the header bar. Looks like this:

That would be very useful to have, so if you can tell me how to do it, I would be most grateful.

Second question: What is the easiest way to select a document from one project and paste it into a second project.

Thanks in advance.

To recreate the ‘tabbed’ projects as a one-off, then open both projects and Window > Merge All Windows.

To ensure that all projects merge into the same window every time System Preferences > Dock > Prefer tabs when opening documents and choose Always

The easiest way to move documents from one project to another is to open the projects side by side and drag the documents from one binder to the other.

Hope this helps

Brookter, your info is excellent.

I’ve been using Scrivener a couple years and am amazed when I learn new tips like this that open entire new possibilities and views.

Thank you very much.


I’m glad it helped – the tabs are actually provided by macOS, I think they were new in Sierra, but I could be wrong.

The tabs are new in Scrivener 3.0. Mac OS supplies the toolkit, but Scrivener 2 didn’t know how to take advantage of it.


@kewms. Katherine, they were a serendipitous find for me. I’m not sure yet exactly how I’ll use them but I suspect I’ll find them useful.

I checked the new manual and found no mention of them when I searched for “tabs”.

I’ll look forward to see how others use them.



Just as an FYI (if it helps), page 700…

Thx, Bridey. Did a search for “tabs” in the manual and nothing came up. Will check it out.

@Bridey: In View > Show|Hide Tab Bar, the description on p. 700 says the following:

I understand how it combines projects into a single window, but I don’t understand the following phrase “and Quick Reference panels together into their own groupings.”

Could you expand on that? I played around a bit but didn’t get it.

Thanks in advance.

You can open any document into a separate, independent QuickReference widow and you can have many QuickReference windows open at once. (Right click on a document in the Binder and close Open > as QuickReference.)

All Window > Merge all Windows does is to put all the Projects into one project window with tabs, and all the QuickReference windows into one QuickReference windows with tabs.


Ah, that sounds lovely, Brookter. Can’t wait to get home and try it.


Ah, @Brookter, my friend, I can’t get it to work.

So, I open a project. Then I open a second project, and interestingly, the second project automagically becomes a tab and the windows have merged…I’m guessing that’s a setting I chose somewhere, but I can’t find it.

Then I open several Quick Ref panels and I’ve chosen Float QR Panels. However, even though the two projects appear in tabs, the QR panels do not.

I’m guessing they would if I had the option to choose Window > Merge All Windows but I can’t because it’s already grayed out.

Can you help me further. I use the new S3 Manual but without an index, it’s difficult to find sections I want.


Two factors in play, I think (only from testing it):

  1. AFAICT the command works independently for projects and QR windows – ie you have to be in (any) project to merge all (Project) windows; you have to be in any QR to merge (QR) windows for that window’s project (see 2).

  2. QR windows remain tied to their project – ie put the cursor in a QR window and it will only merge the QR windows for that project. If your second project also has QR windows open you’ll have to click in one of them and invoke Merge All Windows separately.

These seem reasonable decisions to me – you probably wouldn’t want to mix the QR windows from more than one project otherwise it would be confusing.

The setting for Tabs in in System Preferences > Dock.


Brookter, I have tried every which way to get my panels to form a group in a tab and cannot figure it out.

If I open a second project, it automatically becomes a tab (how do I override that and have it not merge?) and “merge all windows” is thus grayed out.

I have tried having QR panels open in the active project BEFORE opening the second window and opening them after I open the second window. In both cases, the “merge all windows” is, of course, still grayed out.

Am I missing something very basic??? And can you point me to a section where this is explained in the new manual?

If I don’t get after this go-round, I’ll let it go.


That’s what I explained in my post.

  1. If you want to merge the Project windows, have your cursor (ie the focus, so click) in a project window and invoked Window > Merge all Windows.

  2. If you want to mere the QuickReference windows, then have your cursor focus in one of the QR windows and invoke Window > Merge All Windows. It’s only greyed out if your cursor focus isn’t in a QR window.

Both steps work flawlessly for me — do they not for you?

  1. To stop projects automatically merging: go to System Preferences > Dock > Prefer tabs when opening documents and change the dropdown box from ‘Always’ to ‘In Full Screen Only’ or ‘Manually’.

Hope this helps.

@brookter: one step forward: I was able FINALLY to get my Quick Ref panels to open in a window as tabbed.

HOWEVER, once I have accomplished that, I am unable to Float Reference Panels. It seems to be an either/or situation.

I also tried choosing Float Ref Panels before opening panels, and then the Merge Windows option was again grayed out.

Do you experience the same?

Thank you so much.

This works for me:

  1. Create the multiple QR windows
  2. Make the windows float
  3. Merge the QR window (focus in the window first).

I don’t think other order of 1 or 2 matters, but as long as 3 is last, then the new ‘tabbed multiple’ QR floats.

To un float it, you’ll need to drag the windows apart, I think.

Well, I have to say this “multi-project” feature using tabs is pretty nifty. I’ve often thought Scrivener could do with a sort of “library wrapper” mode, to keep lots of different writing projects in one place. This approximates that. Glad I discovered it :smiley: