How did I do that?

I’m pulling together my book for submittal, and finding a line of date-text in the upper right corner of each page. I know darn well that I did something to put that text there, but what? Can someone have a look and see what’s what? The text only appears when printed.

upper right corner.jpg

That’s the header. If you are using Compile to print, you can change it via the “Page Settings” pane of the Compile sheet. If you are just doing a File > Print Current Document, you can turn it off by going to File > Page Setup > Settings > Scrivener > Options > Text Documents.

Normally this should appear at the very top of your page. I’m not sure why it would appear in the weird position it’s in in your screenshot unless your printer is reporting a strange printable area, or if you are using a custom paper format size - I haven’t seen that before!

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Yes, that certainly removed the problem text. But having the page numbers sure would be helpful. If I clear everything except the page number I still get the numbers in the same position as my example text. Any idea what setting I have screwed up?

I’m not using the compile feature (mostly because I don’t really understand it). So for now I am just printing section by section.


What are your Page Setup settings?

Here are some shots that I think you wanted to see. Does this help?

print options.jpg
print options.jpg