How do I access the information in the Author Information pane?

It’s that’s tantalizing promise at the bottom of the preferences pane:

I’ve filled it in, yet when I compile my document, after my name (which I coded in) it says:

Which does not meet the promise at the bottom of the panel. How do I make this work? There are references in the manual and here in the forums, but the manual doesn’t say what to do if it’s not happening. Is it supposed to be automatic?

I’m using Scrivener 3 on a Mac. It would be nice if I didn’t have to hand-edit title pages.

Hmm, yes it does look like something is amiss there. You can see the actual template codes that should be working, by creating a test project using the template in this fashion:

  1. From the New Project window, select the template.
  2. Hold down the Option key and click the Choose… button.
  3. Proceed to create the project and visit the cover page document.

If the template is set up correctly, you should see the raw codes here. I believe the template is set up because what you posted a screenshot of are the default fallback values used when the system cannot find any information.

For the meanwhile, you can of course just type in the information into the cover page as needed.

And the Option button, which I’d not seen referenced anywhere, is the magic button.

Press the option button and you get:

And if you don’t press it, you don’t get these things.

From now on, when I start a new project in Scrivener, my finger is going to be on that Option button.

Many thanks!

An update, now that I’ve tried it.

Yes, I do get the First Page Header with the codes, but when I compile, they still say

in my printed (or exported to PDF) manuscript.

I feel like I’m almost there, but not quite.

Again, yes, I know that I can put that information in for every manuscript, but why have the feature if you’re going to suggest that to users?

How can I make this work?

Apologies, I wasn’t very clear before. When I said something is amiss, I meant it looks like we have a bug in that information not being properly populated into templates when creating them normally.

You wouldn’t normally want to use the Option button method. That keeps the template creation codes intact so that the template can be edited without them all being converted to static text containing personal information. We did that to make sure the template you are using hadn’t in fact already had that happen to it, but with generic fallback text instead of personal info. So that you get codes means the template is good—the codes just aren’t working the way they should when using it to create a new project (without the Option key).

At the moment it is impossible to get it working best I can tell. That’s why I suggest filling in the data by hand for now.