How do I add a second author

When compiling a print book or manuscript, my name is on the page, but I want the name of my co-author there, as well. I cannot figure out how to add her.

Any help is appreciated!

I think you can achieve that by using “replacements”.

Look into section 23.4.4 of the user manual of Scrivener for detailed instructions.

If I get it right, you should be able to create a $coauthor$ replacement and set it’s value to your colleague’s name.

Thanks, Matt.

I didn’t create a new placeholder, but I put in replacement text in the compile project settings. Worked fine. I found the explanation in the manual confusing.

When you go to Compile on the Meta tab you can enter multiple authors.

Actually that was the first thing I did, but it had no effect. I don’t know why. The only thing that worked was to replace the author placeholder with the text I wanted in compile project settings.

Anyway problem solved. Thanks.