How do I add 'cue' numbers to characters for radio scripts?

Hey guys, sorry if this has been asked before - gave it a good search and couldn’t find the answer.
Writing some BBC Radio format stuff right now and I’m having trouble adding cue numbers to dialogue.

Example link: … n_fire.pdf
(The numbers to the left of character names)

Looking to be able to add numbers before character names automatically. Is this possible?
Can it be done so that the count resets on each page or with each scene?


You can add numbers before character names by using the auto-number tags (e.g. <$n>), which get converted into sequential numbers during Compile. To have them restart with each scene, you could use the <$rst> tag to restart numbering at the start of each scene. There’s no way to get them to restart at the beginning of each page as in your example, though. I’m curious - is that possible in any software you know of (I don’t think that’s possible in Word, for instance)?

Thanks and all the best,