How do I add/edit the header?

As part of creating my own project template for a script format, I want to be able to create a header that contains certain things (my name, the title of the doc and my email address). But I can’t see where/how you create or edit the header. I’m not even sure if it’s possible in Scrivener.

After a search for ‘header’ in the Mac manual and on this board, I’m still none the wiser – I think it’s possible in the Mac version (I saw a reference to View/Layout/Show Header View) but maybe not (yet) in the Windows version – is that right? Also, while I’m here, how about footers?

I thought maybe it might all be tucked away in the Compile options but couldn’t see any mention of it there, although the whole compile area largely remains a mystery to me as I can never get it to do what I want – is that me or just the state of the Windows beta at the moment?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I think there is a page tab in the compile window in the Mac version that is not currently available in the Windows version.

I asked a similar question here [url]]

Thanks - at least it’s not just me missing something obvious (always a possibility).