How do I add keystroke shortcuts?

I’d like to define two k’board shortcuts – one, ^-F1, to swap the two characters to the right fo the cursor; and the second, Alt-F2, to toggle upper and lower case for the char to the right of the cursor, or for all selected text. I do not see from the manual or help files how to define such shortcuts. Am I missing something? Can this be done, and if so, how?

At the moment, you can only edit shortcuts that already exist within Scrivener. Go to Tools>Options… and then click the Keyboard tab to see all the available shortcuts you can revise.

For more complicated macros, you could try using an external program to set this up–AutoHotKey is one option that would probably work for this, if you’re willing to do the necessary scripting.

Many thanks. I’ll give it a try. That’s the only thing I missed in Scrivener, and it’s easily remediable. Otherwise, I’m delighted with Scrivener, and look forward to purchasing it.