How do I add scene breaks within a document?

This seems like it should be super simple and obvious, but I can’t figure out how to add scene breaks within a document. For the past couple years I’ve been working on projects with a single POV so I didn’t do ‘scene breaks’ at all. I just wrote transitions between scenes progressing time/location. Now I’m doing a WIP with multi POVs, so when I break scenes I want a more pronounced break since the POV is going to be changing as well as the scene. I don’t really want to just skip a few lines and have extra space between the scenes, though I’m aware that’s a pretty common way to do it. Instead I want a nice, pretty line between my scenes. I’ve been using a series of underscores as a work around (______)…but it’s kinda lame, and it seems like there should be a more professional way to add breaks between scenes.

Your profile says you use a Mac, but this is the Windows forum. I only know Windows, so there may be tools in the Mac version that I don’t know about.

For Windows, I’d set up each Chapter as a Folder in the Binder. Then make each scene where you want a separator a separate Text file under each Folder. Then in the Compiler go to Compile>Separators and put the text that you want to use as a separator in the field for Text to Text separators.