How do I adjust the margins in Compile to have gutter/outside margins?

PC, Version: - 14 Nov 2019

Currently, when I am creating a high-level PDF for scanning for KDP I don’t have the option in File / Compile / Page Settings to define Gutter/Outside Margins. I just get Left/Right. How to I tell the latest version of Windows Scrivener how to do this?

Also, if this is not possible to do this at the current time: when will this problem be fixed? I have looked at the forums, and it seems to be a complaint that has popped up, now and again, for about a decade or so.

You can update the software with the latest version to fix the error. If this continues, please contact the administrator.

This is not a correct answer and is not helpful. 1.9.16 is the latest release version of Scrivener for Windows.

Once 3.0 for Windows is released, you will have the option of setting inner and outer margins for facing pages (as opposed to hard-coded right and left margins) for the PDF, word processor, and print compile formats. You can head on over to the Windows Beta forum now to find the download links for the current release candidate to test it and see if this is going to be more what you need.