How do I back-up Scapple data files?

Good morning from Texas! Love Scapple! I’m using it to write a book and so far, it’s working out great. Scapple makes my literary life so much easier when I can see what I’m thinking. On to my question. I got a new SSD for Christmas, and I’m gonna throw it in my Macbook this weekend. I can reinstall Scapple no problem. What I’m having a hard time understanding is how to back-up my data files. Do I export to plain text (.txt)? Do I export to rich text (.rtf)? PNG? Outline markup? Some other format?

All I want to do is back-up my files to an external medium, then after the new hard drive is installed in the Macbook, import my files back into Scapple and get on with my life. Any quick tips on the best way to do this would be greatly appreciated. I’m sure it’s as simple as breathing and I just don’t see it. Kinda like that longhorn that kicked me in the back-end the other day and sent me head-first into the next county.

Thanks all,

I would just leave them as Scapple files if you can. Any other solution is going to require a lot of rebuilding since they will not retain the spatial relationship between notes, nor any connective or styling choices. What I like to do when I’m upgrading the hard drive or similar is to copy my entire user folder over to an external drive. That can take a while, so be prepared for a wait, but that way you’ll have everything you need to get back up and running as fast as possible. At the very least you can copy all of your data back, but with a little work you can also get your preferences and other settings back as well.

Another solution that may work is Time Machine. I’ve used that when upgrading the hard drive on a computer, too. Since nothing else is changing, this should be safe to do. You just need to boot the computer off of the recovery disk, and as one of the installation options, select time machine and choose the latest copy. Give that thirty minutes or so and you’ll end up with “the same computer”, but much faster! :slight_smile: