How do I change default fonts for templates?

I feel like this is such a noob question, but I can’t figure out where to change the default fonts for the Scrivener comic script template. Any help?

Create a new project using the template.

Use Scrivener -> Preferences -> Formatting to set up the fonts you want.

Use File -> Save As Template to save your new version. You can either update the existing template or save your new version under a new name; it’s up to you.


Actually, the font for script elements is defined in Format > Scriptwriting > Script Settings… The font is specific to each element, so you’ll want to go through the full list and set each one to your preferred font. After you’ve done that you’ll probably also want to click the “Manage” drop-down and save your altered script settings for use in other projects.

The Comic Script template also uses a document template within it for new comic pages which has the page and panel number text already included; to change that, click the arrowhead to the left of the “Template” document in the project binder and select the “Comic Page” sub-document, then change the font of the text in the editor. New documents you make from that “Comic Page” template will use the new font.

The formatting settings in Scrivener > Preferences are global, so changes you make there will affect all new projects (regardless of the template used) but they’re for “regular” documents rather than those in scriptwriting mode, since the script settings will override whatever the default formatting is. Non-script documents in your project will abide by the default settings, however, so it may still be something you want to change. If you want to make changes only to the specific project you’re in, you can use Project > Text Preferences… and check the box to override text formatting for this project, then set up the sample text however you want it. Again, this will apply to standard documents in your project but not to script documents. (And as with the main defaults in Preferences, it will only apply to new documents you create; you’ll need to use Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style to change any existing ones. If the override is set in Text Preferences, then those settings will be honored over the main default style set in Scrivener > Preferences.)

If you set up the Text Preferences and Script Settings for your project you can also then use File > Save As Template to create a new project template that will have all that set up for you from the get-go.

Learn something every day… Thanks for clarifying that.