How do I change headline on each page?


when I compile my project, I get a headline on all pages except the title page. It contains my name, then NOVEL1, then the page number.

Instead of NOVEL1 (name of the project), I’d like to see the title of the novel I am writing.

How can I change this setting?


Hi Matthias,

When you go to compile, click the button next to the “format as” dropdown menu to ensure that you’re seeing all your compile options–there should be a large pane with options such as Content, Formatting, Processing Options, etc. (these will vary slightly depending on what file type you’re compiling as). Toward the bottom on that list you will see “Page Settings”; click that to show the options for setting header and footer, and you can insert whatever text you like.

Here’s a detailed explanation I wrote for someone else, if you need more.

Hope that all helps!

Thanks a lot - now, I’ve got my options set correctly.