How Do I Change the Chapter Title Format?

How do I change the chapter title format? When I comple my book, the chapter numbers show up as 1 or 2, etc. I’d like to have it appear as Chapter One, Chapter Two, etc. Also, can it be moved to the upper left or right corner rather than centered above my chapter title? I dont like the way it currently looks.

Go to a document somewhere in your project, then visit Edit->Insert->Auto Number and choose your desired numbering style. This will insert something like <$R> (the letter will be different if you chose something besides capital roman numerals). Select all of that, including the surrounding <> brackets, and cut it (ctrl-x).

Then go to File->Compile->Formatting, select the row that corresponds to what designates a chapter (probably either a “level 1” folder icon, or a file icon, depending on how you organize your binder). In the box below the rows of “Level X+” folders, documents and document stacks, there will be an example of how the title, chapter, and text will appear. Click on the Section layout button, and paste (ctrl-p) the bracketed placeholder tag you cut earlier. You can also decide how you want to capitalize “Chapter”, or even if you want it there at all. Then click OK, and select the “Chapter I” (or whatever you chose to use as a number) in the box below, and style it however you like using the format bar there.