How do I change the font for all the documents in a project?

I just got a new computer, and when I installed Scrivener and migrated my current project to the new computer, the Cambria font I was using changed to Helvetica. I don’t have Cambria on the new computer apparently, but I don’t want my project in Helvetica. How do I change the font for the entire project (all included documents) at one time?

  1. Select the draft folder
  2. View all your documents in scrivenings mode in the editor
  3. Press CMD A to select all the text
  4. Use the font options from the menu or toolbar to select the font you want

Thanks so much!

I would also say go to Preferences --> Formatting and set your “Main Text Style” to what you want there — if you haven’t done it yet — and you can then use Documents --> Convert --> Convert Formatting to Default Text Style … useful if you import something and want to make it conform to the rest. I have set a keyboard shortcut for this, I use it so often.

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Helpful! Thanks!