How do I change the order of the Front Matter?

Scrivener 3 for OS Mac, when I compile to ePub the TOC shows up first but I want the Title and Copyright page to show up first. How do I accomplish this?

Create a document in the Binder where you want the TOC to be. Put the <$toc> placeholder – and nothing else – in that document. Specify that document in the Table Of Contents options. (Right-hand pane, right-most icon of the main Compile screen.)


That worked to put the front matter in order but the TOC is missing the page numbers. The other thing that is happening is that the TOC creates a link for the chapter folder and each scene within the chapter. How do I make the TOC only show the chapter folder name and the page #?

ePubs don’t have “pages,” so adding “page numbers” to an ePub ToC is not meaningful.

If you need a ToC that’s different from the automatically generated one, see Chapter 22 of the manual for full instructions.


Yes, makes sense about the page numbers. I’m using the <$toc> but it is picking up not only the chapters but the scenes as well. Is there a way in compile to get rid of the TOC providing links to the scenes?

The $toc placeholder tells Scrivener where to put the ToC, but it doesn’t create one. If the automatically generated ToC isn’t doing what you want, see Chapter 22 in the manual for information about how to customize yours.