How do I change the Scratchpad font for existing Scratchpad notes?

The default scratch pad notes (I love scratchpad!) format leaves lower case letters 1.48mm high on my iMac. They are very hard for me to read. I have to get really close to the screen and squint. They are even harder to read on my MacBook Pro - I have to pick it up and get within a foot of the screen to read them in the default font. I can’t read the scratch pad with it sitting on my lap which is how I use it.

I discovered how to change the font for the text of new Scratchpad notes, but so far changing the font to something bigger and easier to read for all my existing Scratchpad notes, other than recreating them (copy paste saves the original format), is a mystery. I have discovered I can copy the text to another editor, reformat it, paste it into a new note and have the benefit of the new font specification. Is there an easier way to do it, or should I just copy them into a document, reformat them and paste them back to a new note?

I haven’t figured out how to change the title font for scratch pad notes - it’s also too small to read. Can it be changed?

If you have no need for any formatting within the notes, like italics and so forth, then an easy way of doing this would be to cut the text, and then to dodge how cutting leaves a little formatting intact at the cursor, switch to another note and then back. Now at this point the cursor should be using the new default font, and you can use the Edit/Paste and Match Style command to do what I think you might be describing as using another editor to “clean” the formatting.

Otherwise, it would surely be easier to just change the font normally on the text in place, with ⌘T.

Thanks. Command+T is the secret handshake I was looking for. If I select the text of an existing scratchpad topic (Command +A) and then use Command+T, I can select my desired font and size and have it reformat in place. In addition, all the new text added to that topic will also be in the new default font.

FWIW: I can see it fine when the font size is set to 18.