How do I compile the document notes?

I’ve mapped out my story and put the scene synopses into the Document Notes box. Each scene has its own set of notes. Yes, I probably should have used the Synopsis box, but I didn’t, and now I have to live with that decision.

I want to compile all the document notes into a single file. How can I do that? It’s okay if they are mixed in with the manuscript text.

By the way, in this situation the Help menu was worthless. I told it to search for “Document Notes” and it said it couldn’t find that term at all. It seems to me that a help system should recognize all the pieces of the program. :confused:

I tried the search here on the forum. It returned 438 posts that returned “document” and/or “notes”. I don’t know if the answer was in there or not. :confused:

Thanks for any help or pointers to help.

  • turnley

Have you looked in the Scrivener Manual (Help > Manual*)? I don’t have my Scrivener machine with me, but from memory, I seem to remember it deals with compiling notes alongside your text in the chapters on Compiling.

*If in doubt about anything, it’s worth checking in the manual first.

You are right; I should have checked the manual directly and not relied on the Help system. Having said that, I still do not see an answer to my problem. I am 87% sure the answer is not in the manual.

Any other suggestions?


  • turnley

Check in the Formatting compile option pane. You’ll see a grid of checkboxes in the top half with different types of content that can be exported. “Text” is the contents of the main text editor, “Title” the name, and “Notes” is Document Notes. Check these off for each type of icon you wish to export notes for (Opt-click to add them all).

Aha! That did it for me. :smiley: Thank you.

  • turnley