How do I coordinate macOS Scrivener with iOS Scrivener?

I am trying to coordinate macOS Scrivener with iOS Scrivener. I have Dropbox properly installed on both. I have the newly updated macOS and iOS Scrivener on both. My devices have the newest version of their respective operating systems. On my phone, my projects are right there when I open the app. I can go onto my Dropbox and confirm those same projects are saved within my Dropbox.

I can manually open projects on my macOS version of Scrivener using File > Open. I have read that we are positively not supposed to use the “Synch” setting for Dropbox. Am I doing this correctly? Or is there a way to coordinate between devices that is less clunky?


Full instructions for setting up Dropbox sync can be found here:

If projects on the Mac correctly reflect changes on the phone, and vice versa, it sounds like you’ve got everything set up the way it should be.

The Sync with External Folder command is intended for sharing work with third-party applications and should not be used between instances of Scrivener.

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Is there a way to sync the documents without using Dropbox?

I use the Mac version and the iPad version, but I don’t love Dropbox :sweat_smile: If there’s no other way to do it, that’s fine, I’m just hopeful!

Actually, @kewms I’ve just seen your response in “Best Way To Update Copies Across Devices” which is very helpful :slight_smile:

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Happy to help! Here’s a link in case anyone else is looking: