How do I copy my manuscript to validate word count for NaNo

I am trying to copy all of the text in my manuscript so that I can paste it into the NaNoWriMo word count validator. I go to the top of the binder and highlight Manuscript, control A/control C to copy everything, but when I go to the validator on the NaNoWriMo website, it only pastes the first chapter. I’ve also tried compiling the document, but still don’t get the whole thing.

Any suggestions?

It sounds like you might not have all of your manuscript indented into the Manuscript folder. The icons’ left edges should all be indented rather than flush left with the manuscript icon itself. The following illustration uses the popular folders+scenes method of working, but if you prefer to just use a flat list of chapter-length files, then the important thing is that all of those files be at the same “level” of indent as the folders, here: