How Do I Create a Default Page Format?

Each time I add a page I have to click on the Formatting pre-set button, select Body, then change font size to 16.

How can I make it so every time I create a new page that stuff is already set up?


Go to the menu Scrivener->Preferences->Editor and format the example text the way you want it. New documents will be formatted with those settings. You can convert existing documents to conform to your settings by selecting the document(s) in the binder and using the Documents->Convert->Formatting to Default Text Style.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for your response. I went to Prefs: Editor but I’m not sure how to make it so I don’t have to click format - body to remove the indentation on my text of each new page I create.

Obviously it’s something on my end - so thanks for helping!

The Formatting preferences pane is where this is set up (the Editor pane is for changing how the text editor looks and behaves). You will find a little “editor” with a sample sentence. Use the ruler tool to remove the indent and make any other changes you’d like to see (such as 16pt).

Sorry about the confusion; I had thought that the Mac and Windows Preferences/Options windows had equivalent “Editor” sections in common. Turns out that on Windows, the “Editor” section of the Options window = the “Formatting” section of Preferences on Mac.

There is no “Formatting” section on Windows. Hopefully, version 3 will bring parity to the two platforms, where interface elements have the same purpose.

Yes these two panes are combined at the moment, on Windows, since everything fits into one pane.

Went to Preferences: Formatting. I dragged the indent arrow all the way to left then click Defaults and said YES.

Also, I did the o actions and clicked Use Formatting in Current Editor then clicked Default.

Then I opened a new document but it still had the indent. How do I make it so every new document I create has no indent?

You changed your settings to what you want, and then reset the application back to its factory default, so yes we would expect at that point for everything to be back the way it was when you first installed the software, now how you changed it.