how do I create an exact duplicate of a Scrivener project?

I have created quite a rich and complicated novel with many folders and cards in a scrivener project.

I wish to save this as it is, for now.

I wish to create a second copy of the exact folder, so I can feel free to cut and refine wantonly.

I don’t know how to do this. I looked for save as, but did not see it. I am probably missing something very simple.

thank you for our help


File menu —> Backup project to…

(Note that it’s also command-shift-s)


You can also locate the file in Finder, select it, and Copy and paste it to a new location (or the same location… it will append ‘Copy’ on the end, and then you can rename it), just like you could with any other file type.

Just make sure that Scrivener is closed when you do this.


Great, Thank you.

So it’s a wee bit more complex than safe as… but do-able?

Thanks again


Perfectly safe to use “backup to…” while in Scrivener, perfectly safe to copy the file in Finder as per usual if Scrivener is closed.


Myself what I do is this.

(1) Make sure SCR is not running.
(2) Locate the project file.
(3) Hold down the OPTION key.
(4) Drag it to another folder.

OPTION+Drag copies an item instead of moving the item in the finder.


Thank you. I’ll give it a try.