How do I define spacing for new pages?

How can I set up a template so that every time I add a new page, I get a new page with Double Spacing as the default? Apologies if this has been asked before. I’m not getting my eyes on how to do it in either the help menu or the forums.

In Preferences, select the Text Editing section from the top. You’ll get a miniature text display where you can fiddle with the ruler settings and font. Get everything the way you like it, and every new document will use these settings to set themselves up.

See? TOTALLY Obvious and I was just missing it. Thanks!

Half way my project I decided to change font and spacing (I found out that most editors in Holland prefer to recieve manuscripts in ’ a readable’ 12’ font and with line spacing set to 1.5.
I tried to change the project settings in the sugested manner but it doesn’t seem to work for all documents (scenes). Even if I try to change the setting per document, it doesn’t work. Spacing in some cases even turned bigger. What could be the problem?

First, what you are talking about is an export distinction, which is separate from the advice given above on changing the working font. Scrivener is set up so you don’t have to worry about what the editor wants until the end of the process. Use whatever font and display preferences you like while writing. When you export, the Text Formatting tab lets you then over-ride everything with a new set of font attributes and ruler settings. Work in Lucida Grande, but export in Courier 12, if you need to.

Second, not sure what is wrong with changing the display settings. There are many possible things going on, based on what you described. Could you provide a specific repeatable example?

It sounds as though you are expecting changes made in the preferences to change the font and settings of documents that have already been created. This is not - and should not be - the case. The preferences just set up default settings for new (blank) documents. If you want to change existing documents to the font/settings in Preferences, select them in the binder and select Documents > Convert. Please refer to the FAQ on this forum or to the Help file for more information.

As Amber says, though, Scrivener is designed so that you can use whatever font and paragraph formatting you prefer whilst writing. In Compile Draft, you can then choose to export or print using completely different formatting - whatever your editor prefers. Again, please refer to the tutorial, help file or FAQ.

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