How do I divide my imported anthology?

I have a collection of short stories and essays that I’ve written. I imported the whole shebang into Scrivener and would like to know the best and easiest way to divide it up, because right now, it’s one large section that needs to be broken up into individual stories etc. If you know of a great tutorial on this exact topic, or if you can provide the desired information, I would really appreciate the help.

My strategy would be to split the monolithic document into separate ones at their titles. Then I’d create Binder Folders for each one and drag-and-drop the appropriate document in. That would let me Compile a version with Titles and (for ebook and web) TOC.

Once all that’s done (a few keystrokes and a mouse drag per story) I’d then start on whatever activity it was that made me think that Scrivener would assist. If I was revising then I’d split documents up at the points where more work is need. If I was looking to create different publication orders then I’d create Collections. If I was … … … then I’d … … …

You’d have to re-import the document, but this is what the File -> Import -> Import and Split command is designed to do. It lets you specify the delimiter between sections.

If that isn’t an option, then yes, you want the Documents -> Split command.


Thanks. I appreciate the suggestions.