How do I edit the header?

I’m talking about the printed header. I want to be able to change what appears on it, or remove it if I prefer.

A solution that involves compiling does not work for me as I prefer to print individual documents.

If you’re just printing straight from the binder, rather than going through compile, your options will be more limited, but you’ll find them under File>Page Settings. Select “Scrivener” from the drop-down menu for “Settings” at the top, then click the “Options” button. Under the “Text Documents” tab you’ll have various checkboxes that you can select or deselect to refine what you get in the header.

If you want anything more complex than that–to be able to insert your own text or what have you–then you’ll need to use compile, but you can choose to compile just the “Current Selection”, so this doesn’t necessarily have to be a whole lot more complicated. If you go this route, choose “All Options” in the compile pane. Make sure you choose “Current Selection” (meaning current binder selection) from the drop-down menu in the “Contents” area, then set up your header in the compile’s Page Settings area.

Thank you. The options for printing straight from the binder are limited as you say, but I guess that’s what I’m stuck with unless I want to go through the bother of compiling.

I wanted to be able to select specific bits of data to show, but the only options are title & date, and page number. I was hoping at least for things like author name, title & date (but separately, not as a single option, and with different options for date format), and preferably also the ‘location’ of the file within Scrivener, ie the folders it sits in. (not the full file directory showing the location on my computer, in other words).

Do you think it’s worth requesting more flexibility for future updates?

Thanks for your help in any case, I’m at least able to have the title+date and page numbers there or not as I choose. I would never have found the options on my own.


The thing is that Scrivener’s main purpose is to compile texts into one long document, so all the flexibility and power is in Compile. You can print out single documents easily enough, but only with similar options to those in TextEdit, because that feature is intended only for rough print-outs.

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Well, I understand not having complicated options, but would separating the title & date options and adding an option for author name be very difficult for some future update?

Or even just adding an option for author name. I like to have my name on every draft I print out, and it would be nice not to have to add it in manually and have it take up extra lines if it could be incorporated into the header.