How Do I Export a specific folder/text item

I have a “Notebook” project where I keep my ideas. When an idea is fleshed out enough & I decide I wish to work on it, I would like to move my work from the “Notebook” to its own project. Is there a way to do this?

I cannot cut and paste the items (usually a single folder and associated textual sub items), nor does the “move” menu item allow me to move it into another project. The export option seems to only allow specific files and not a project. I finally imported the entire “notebook” project into a new project and then moved the relevant structure into the project hierarchy while deleting all of the other items, but this was clunky.

Thank you for your help.

[If this is not a feature, can it become one? IMO, the best implementation would be to right click on the item and have a simple export to project context menu item.]

Create your new project. With the new project and the “Notebook” project open at the same time, select and drag the binder items from the Notebook project’s binder to the new project.

Think of moving or copying a bunch of files on your hard drive using two file browser windows open at the same time–it’s the same computer metaphor.