How do I 'find' my manual that I bought?

I cannot seem to bring up the manual that I bought with the Scrivener program. I have a page that gives me the short video tutorials and it will not go back to showing me the user manual that comes with the program and the one I bought extra with the program…How can I “save these” to use them while learning and using the program?


Your manual (pdf file) should be located here:

~/User/Your Username/Library/Application Support/Scrivener
~/User/Your Username/Library/Containers/com.literatureandlatte.scrivener2/Data/Library/Application Support/Scrivener

Anyway, if it’s still missing, you can download the latest version here, it’s the same pdf, and it’s free of course: … ual-a4.pdf

Hope that helps.

It is conveniently located in the Help menu, as well as the start-up screen when you launch the software.

You say you “bought extra with the program” the manual in question. Are you talking about the ebook entitled “Taking Control of Scrivener 2”? If so, then there should have been download instructions for the book that came with the purchase invoice or as a separate email. Maybe search for “taking control of scrivener 2” in your email program to find the relevant instructions.