How do I generate a PDF file?

It doesn’t seem that PDF is an export option, and going the route of Compile Draft -> Print -> Preview only shows the raw unformatted MultiMarkdown text.

For the record, here is what I did:

  • Download …
  • extract into SampleMultiMarkdownDocument folder
  • Choose Open and select the file SampleMultiMarkdownDocument/SampleMultiMarkdownDocument.scriv
  • Choose File -> Compile Draft
  • Click on (Include All)

At this point I noticed there was no PDF option. Should there be?

[Edit: whoops, my answer has nothing to do with what you asked. I was just looking at unanswered posts, and didn’t notice the forum it was posted in.

By the time I went to fix it, fletcher had already answered :slight_smile: ]


Scrivener doesn’t generate the PDF - it generates the LaTeX, which you then convert into a PDF using pdflatex:

  • You can do it from the commmand line using pdflatex filename

  • You can use the GUI versions: - specifically MultiMarkdown2PDF (if MMD) or LaTeX2PDF (if LaTeX)

  • You can use TextMate to edit the LaTeX and compile it

All of these, of course, require that you install LaTeX. I recommend MacTeX:

That’s because you need to run the resulting file through the MMD-LaTex pipeline to generate a PDF.


!!! Yow! You are a blistering fast poster, Fletcher!



Only when there’s a post that happens to appear right before I happen to check the forums… But I have started using google alerts to help me find the posts that apply to MultiMarkdown…

Just to warn anyone who reads this thread. Here’s what the site says (emphasis mine):

MacTeX-2007 is a large download (currently 744.4 MB or 780593579 bytes) but installs quickly and easily once obtained.

Looks like I won’t be generating pdfs for a few more hours…

Depends on your internet access, I suppose - it downloads pretty quickly over high speed.

The advantage of this installation is that it is pretty complete and installs all (I believe) of the packages that you will need for use with MultiMarkdown generated files.

I’m working from home (7:37am here in the bay area) and I’m only seeing about 36K/sec - I suspect that’s a limit on the serving site. Opera is predicting 4 hours, 43 min to go.

I’m getting an estimated 20-35 minutes at up to 600 KB/sec bursts, and 400-500 KB/sec average. So it’s something on your end or in between you and the server, or you’re getting a bad mirror?