How Do I Get 4 Panes?


I’ve successfully been using Scrivener for a while now, and I love the program. One thing confuses me, and I couldn’t find it by searching on the forums, maybe my terms were wrong.

On the Scrivener main page (the web site, I mean), I see Scrivener windows twice where they have four panes open in the program. How do you do this? I can only choose to split horizontally or vertically, and I can’t do more than one or two panes of active windows. Maybe this is something basic that I’m missing but any help would be appreciated!


In the centre picture at the top of the page, you are looking at Binder on the left, the split pane containing two document panes, and the Inspector on the right.

Next to the heading ‘Refer to Research’, there is a horizontal split with two documents on the left, and the Inspector on the right. The inspector is showing just the synopsis (the text at the top) and the document notes (which contain the image).

Are these the two screenshots you are referring to?


Yes, apparently I was confusing the inspector for the ability to additionally split the workspace. Thanks for clearing that up!

I make an “unofficial” 3 pane view by expanding the Document Notes section of the inspector and using that as another document. I hide the Binder and the toolbar and just basically work with three side-by-side columns of text.