How do I get a toolbar like the v.1.5 screenshot?

Hi, Keith–

First, thanks for bringing us Scrivener! As you may recall from my initial forum post, your app is the sole reason I bought a Mac. It’s a beautiful thing–Scrivener. :smiley:

I took a look at the screenshot you just posted on the blog, and I’d like to get my toolbar to look like the skinny one that’s displayed just above the corkboard— the one with the format and alignment icons. Is that possible in the current release, or is it a new feature? I did a forum search on custom toolbar, but couldn’t seem to locate it.

New feature.


As dafu says, it’s a new feature. That screenshot shows several new features - format bar, page layout mode, label colours in the binder, multiple selection corkboard with rounded cards and a better-looking ruler. So I’m afraid this won’t be available for a couple of months (there is still a fair bit to do on the next version). However, 1.5 will be a free update, so when it does come out, all those new features will be free to registered users.
All the best,

Thanks. I’ve registered, so I will look forward to the new release. Meanwhile, Scrivener is fast becoming my new best friend.