How do I get ePub2 back?

Dear Scrivener Team.
I rebuilt my system yesterday and reinstalled Scrivener (Mac). Everything is working brilliantly with one exception: I can’t compile ePub2 format anymore. The option is no longer available, only ePub3 is available instead.
I need the old setting back because still not all eBook portals accept ePub3.
How do I reactivate the ePub2 format for the compiler?
Thanks in advance for your help,

See this post:


I appreciate you quick reply.
I knew I asked before but could not locate the post and file anymore.
Thank you much for your help.

ePub 2 is no longer officially supported, I’m afraid. It will still appear as an option for any Compile formats that were previously set up to use ePub 2, but for new formats it is no longer available. Therefore the only way is to duplicate an existing Compile format that supports ePub 2 and modify that.

All the best,

Hi Keith,
I do understand ePub2 is already outdated … If only some eBook channels like “Tolino” could hear it.
As of today, I can not upload ePub3 to their ebook portal.