How do I get "Keep with next" to work on headings?

For me the “Keep with next” function does not seem to work at all. I am trying to create a PDF for print. Please take a look at the attachement.

How do I get these two paragraphs to stick together without having to insert page breaks?

Are the subtitles written in the text documents or are they Binder document titles?

If they are Binder titles you can set “keep with next” in the compile settings, where you set font etc. Put the cursor in the title text (in this case Section Title, marked with red) and just use the usual menu command found under Format -> Paragraph -> Keep with next, as seen in the image.

Thanks for the reply! They are written in the text document so this will not help in this case.

Still good to know what you showed, did not know you could do that!

If they are written in the text you need to format them individually.
It’s generally better to use Binder titles as titles and subtitles instead of writing them in the text. Easier to format, to do a TOC, etc.

Although you can define a style so that, once applied, changing it once changes it everywhere.


Yes, but you have to apply the style everywhere, and remember to fix the corresponding formats in compile.
Using Binder titles is such a simple way. :smiley:

The default Compile behavior is that a Style acts as a Preserve Formatting block. You don’t have to deal with them unless you want them to change.