How do I get my license to work on my new machine?

How do I figure out which of my devices have Scrivener on them. Looking to activate on my new Mac but it says I’ve got it loaded on too many devices. Thanks in advance.

The easiest way to figure out which devices have Scrivener installed is check in Applications on your Mac.

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They will reset the license count. Important to always deactivate the licence before you remove Scrivener from an old machine. It’s on the Scrivener menu on Mac.

If I recall Lit & Lat’s explanation correctly, even if you fail to deactivate, the computers identified in their licensing server are removed in a first-in-first-out model. The first computer you ever licensed will be removed to make room for another new computer being added. Assuming that you aren’t actually trying to install Scriv on more than the allowable number, your worst case scenario is that you’ll have to keep re-entering the license info on your other current machines until the unused computer(s) drop off the list.