How do I get Scriv to open again?

This is undoubtedly massively moronic BUT: I opened Scriv (don’t recall how) and went thru the tutorial. Which is excellent! Then I Quit out of Scriv. I want to review the tutorial a second time but can’t reopen Scriv. When I dbl-click the icon on my desktop, the one on the top half of my finder window or the one in the applications folder ALL direct me to drag Scriv into the Applications folder. I’m in an infinite loop, don’t want to drag a 2nd copy of Scriv into Applications, don’t know why the one that IS there won’t open & don’t know what to do next.

My question is all too obvious…


click on Scrivs icon. Menu bar at top of screen should be Scriveners.
Click on Help drop down. Amongst other things youll find Tutorial`.

In the latest beta version apparently, Scriv. opens up in a window. However any previous version only opens with menu bar. Click File to open up scriv`s options.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Vic for the quick reply. Problem is, clicking in any of the 3 places does nothing except get me to the 1st screen which directs me to drag Scriv to the applications folder (which I’ve already done). Scriv doesn’t open…menu at top bar remains in “Finder”…

I just downloaded Scriv this AM, so I assume it’s the latest version…does that shed any light on the subject?

You have a Scrivener icon on the desktop? … Sounds as if you’ve still got the DMG open … if so, it will probably be trying to open that version and that’s why it’s telling you to drag it to the applications folder. Close the .dmg … click on the triangle next to it in the top half of the finder list. When that’s gone, use the one in the applications folder and you should be alright. You should only have the one application file on your machine, the one in the applications folder … if you drag it to the dock it will automatically create an alias, not duplicate the application.



Hi xiamenese…No .dmg file in the finder list BUT there is a .dmg icon on the desktop. Should I disable/delete/disappear it? If so, how?

Also there is a NovelFormat folder on my desktop…what does it do & where should that go?

Thanks for your help and greetings from NYC!

If you’ve dragged the Scrivener into the applications folder, you can safely get rid of that .dmg You can:

1 Drag it to the trash can
2 Highlight it and do Command-delete (Apple Delete)
3 Right click (or control-click if you don’t have a two-button mouse) and choose the appropriate command from the contextual menu that pops up.

When you’ve got rid of it, I think the programme should open fine …


Hi Mark…I’ve deleted the .dmg file from the desktop but Scriv still won’t open…not from the desktop, not from the Finder list, not from the Apps folder…I still get the message asking me to drag Scriv into the Apps folder (which I’ve already done).

Very frustrating to put it mildly.

Any other ideas?

And what about the NovelFormat folder on the desktop? It has no Scriv identifier but since it appeared next to the Scriv icon/.dmg file, I imagine it’s related.

Thanks again, RH

Try logging out, wait a bit, and then log in. That sometimes clears away permissions troubles. Like unplugging a cable modem, and then replugging.

If that fails, I suggest starting all over again: download, open the dmg, drag the app to Applications folder. Be sure to trash the previous installation.

Hi Druid…logging out & back in didn’t help. I DID by sheer accident spot a file called tutorial.scriv in my applications folder. It was there all by itself – not in the Scriv folder. I can open it & get the tutorial. So at least I can review it again.

Does this mean that Scriv is now open and usable? Or is only the tutorial aspect available?

This is extremely confusing…Weird to be able to open the tutorial but not be able to open Scriv, isn’t it? I’m afraid to put any of my work into Scriv for fear that its wonky behavior will leave me stranded.


There is no “wonky behaviour” on Scrivener’s part here - I’m afraid to say that you seem to have installed it wonkily! :slight_smile:

It sounds as though you may be used to installers rather than DMG files, which is what is causing you problems. Most small apps (and shareware apps) on OS X are provided on DMG (disk image) files. From what you say, it seems that you placed the DMG file on your desktop (or, more likely, saved it there when you downloaded it). When a disk image (DMG) is downloaded, it automatically opens with other disks at the top of the Finder list on the left.

When you got the corkboard view with the three icons, asking you to drag Scrivener into your Applications folder, you should have done exactly that - you should have dragged the black and white rectangular icon out of the window (the rightmost of the three icons) and dropped it into the Applications folder in the Finder. You should then have gone to the Applications folder and double-clicked on Scrivener to open it.

It sounds as though you accidentally dragged Scrivener somewhere else. Have you tried a Spotlight search to find where you dragged it? Clearly, you have created some other Scrivener files (or dragged them around), so that when you double-click on a .scriv file, it opens in Scrivener.

So, right now, you need to:

  1. Do a Spotlight search for Scrivener. When you find it, drag it to the Applications folder. Make sure that you drag the rectangle icon and NOT the Scrivener.dmg file (which has a hard drive icon with the black and white icon at an angle on it).

  2. OR double-click on Scrivener.dmg to launch that again and this time ensure that you drag Scrivener into your Applications folder. Then launch Scrivener from your Applications folder.


Hi Keith…thanks for your detailed reply. I am now able to open Scriv but still have some questions.

The dmg file sits in my trash now. Is it OK to empty the trash?

Where does tutorial.scriv belong? (It’s now by itself in the Apps folder.)

The NovelFormat folder is on my desktop. I’m assuming it’s part of/related to Scriv. Should I drag it into the Apps folder? On top of the Scriv icon? Or somewhere else. What does it do? I’m a novelist so it might be relevant to me.

Wonkily yours, rh

Hi. You can delete everything else except for Scrivener, yes - get rid of the DMG file, the tutorial file (because you have a copy there - there is another copy built into the application should you need it again) and the NovelFormats folder. Before deleting the DMG, you may want to launch it again and double-click on the Extras installer, to install certain templates that come with Scrivener. That is not essential, though, as they are extras.


Thank you!