How do I get smart quotes working?

Hi everyone,

Although smart quotes were working for me in Scrivener 2 I am finding that in Scrivener 3 they are not.

I’ve attached an image of my settings. Smart quotes are on at a Mac OS system level and work in other programmes.

Many thanks for your help!

The prefs now work only for new projects. To turn on smart quotes in your current project, Edit > Substitutions > Smart Quotes . (Yeah, I stumbled over this one when I first upgraded, myself.) :smiley:

Hope this helps!

Thank you for your help but it turns out that the smart quotes are already ticked.

Strangely I’m only finding this a problem in a particular project but not in others. Would there be any reason why it would work in one project and not another?

Thank you!

I can’t think of any. There’s no place for it in Project Settings, and anything happening at the System Preferences level should be affecting everything. Anyone?

Is spell check also not working? If so you’ve hit a known macOS bug, the only way of getting around it that we know of is to reload the software. Sometimes the correction layer provided by the Mac, which handles typography and spell check together, drops out for some reason.

Another more obscure thing to check is your System Preferences: Keyboard: Text pane, to make sure that your definition of a smart quote is not in fact a straight quote.