How do I get the binder back?

This is an embarassing question but, hey, someone else might also be the same way challenged…

I did a word search and the search results get bought up where the binder was. How do I get the binder back (without my frenzied clicking, I mean) - is there a keystroke thingy? I couldn’t find a menu item (being the ex-Win user that I am, I always mouse first).

I never said I was any good at this.

I usually hit the little ‘x’ in the search window to get rid of the search criteria. I’d like to know if there is another way as well.

Oooh, I didn’t even see the little ‘x’. You’re right though, it works. Ace!

There’s also a little “X” in the footer view beneath the search results/binder that gets rid of the search results…

Ah, so there is. Many thanks. :slight_smile:

Another method I find more convenient is to hit the key while your cursor is still in the search field. This clears out the field and restores the application to a non-search state. This works for pretty much any Cocoa app with an integrated filter style search.

Cool! Thanks!