How do I get the Extras? Esp. templates...

I’'m up to date–have installed Scrivener 1.5 and all is running beautifully. But somehow I must have skipped the part where I was offered the extras folder in the dmg–in fact I don’t even recall seeing a dmg file, the update ran so smoothly. And I would love to try out the Novel Standard Ms. Format template, but haven’t got the foggiest idea how to go about downloading the extras. Do I have to reinstall 1.5 and if so how do I do that?

Thanks all from your token luddite here…


Hi Molly’s Mum Zoe,

If Scrivener updated itself when you opened it, it won’t have installed the extras and up-to-date templates, so you need to download the updated programme from (select either the ‘free trial’ or ‘download now’: both are the same). Double-click the Scrivener.dmg file once it’s downloaded, and agree to the licence. You’ll see a small corkboard with 3 icons on grey post-it(?) note. You do not need to install Scrivener again, just the extras. Double-click the last one called ‘Extras Installer’. This will step through installing the extras. Click ‘OK’ when it tells you install is complete, and then close the .dmg (or ‘eject’ it in Finder).

And you don’t sound like a luddite to me :slight_smile:

Worked a treat, Sarah! How cool is that? Thanks ever so much-- :smiley:


No worries, you’re more than welcome. Nice to feel useful!
Sarah :slight_smile: