How do i get this window to show up?

I can see it when i open one document but not others. It answers a previous question I had about the layout of my outline.

thanks in advance

You mean the inspector area? Click on the blue “Inspector” icon in the toolbar.

I really recommend you go through the interactive tutorial available from the Help menu to get familiar with the interface if you haven’t already.

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wow, this must be a canned response. I can’t tell you how many times I come across it when searching for answers on this forum. Yes, I have listened and will listen again, going through many hours of video to find one answer, and hope that it is on there. If you wouldn’t mind possibly telling me which one you know has it on there, I will listen again. A link would be nice.

Sorry, but it is so frustrating when I know it is just a button to push and I have no idea where to find it and then I have to spend hours to find one button just to be able to get back to work.


Just to say – although I’m sure there’s an L&L video that covers this point, the Interactive Tutorial KB’s referring to isn’t it. The Interactive Tutorial is in the application itself, under the Help menu – it will take you about an hour to go through, and is probably the most useful hour you’ll spend if Scrivener is to become part of your workflow. Recommended, as KB says, to anybody to watch before they get into Scrivener seriously.

Edit: OK, within the tutorial the point is covered under Part 1, Step 5, “The Inspector”.


You’ve probably found it already, but by default it’s on the far right of the toolbar:

(This is with both icon and text showing, but yours might have only one or the other, if you’ve customized the toolbar.) You can also use View>Layout>Show Inspector or Opt-Cmd-I.

Huh? Did you even read my first sentence? I gave you the answer to your question - press on the blue “Inspector” icon in the toolbar. That is the exact answer to your question, hardly a canned response, so I’m completely confounded by your somewhat vitriolic reply. However, the fact that you are asking how to access the inspector at all, and that you don’t know that it is called the “inspector”, suggests that you haven’t been through the interactive tutorial, available from the Help menu (as I already said). As Hugh has pointed out, the interactive tutorial isn’t a video, but a Scrivener project, which gets you using Scrivener as you learn it. Going through that tutorial will get you used to all of the major interface elements and bring you up to speed with how to get the best out of Scrivener (the inspector, along with the binder, is one of the most basic elements of the interface). All of the videos are really supplementary to this - the interactive tutorial is the single-most effective way to get up and running with Scrivener. And although we’re always more than happy to answer any questions users have, no matter how basic (as in fact I did above), we have put together the help materials for this very purpose, so it is hardly unreasonable to point a user who seems to be struggling with the basic interface in the direction of the tutorial that explains it. Oh, and if you’ve seen me give other users this advice in your searches, then I’m even more surprised you haven’t been through the tutorial. :slight_smile: