How do I identify the font that I am using?

Hello again. It has been a while since you last helped me.
When I am writing in Scrivener, which of course I always do posting.php?mode=post&f=2&sid=65f5d329f404666227657f578be0d07a#
I sometimes want to know what text I am in ! go to text -font-show font-recently used it shows me ten different fonts or font sizes. Is there a facility that can show me my current as opposed to recent ?

In Show Fonts, if you select “All Fonts”, your current font will automatically be selected on the right (provided you call Show Fonts when the insertion point is in the text with the font you want to check).
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Thank you.
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In my version of Scrivener 1.51 When I follow your instructions, the font is identified
by appearing in all fonts in a slightly bolder face. The size appears in the right hand box.
It’s a very small point but it would be clearer ( for those of us who are not as young as we would wish to be ) if it were to appear on either the top or the bottom
of the list. Or indeed in a category of Current font or some such.

Anyway Thank You again.
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The font panel has nothing to do with Scrivener - it is part of OS X and thus coded by Apple (you will find it in TextEdit, Pages, and just about any other OS X program that uses fonts outside of Word), so I have no control over that, I’m afraid.
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