How do I import Mac files to Windows

I have the Windows version of Scrivener (which I reviewed recently on Amazing Stories Magazine). I can’t seem to find a way, however, to import my Mac files. My Mac is destroyed now, and the files are on a portable hard drive. Here is a screen grab of what I see, but I have no clue how to open anything on Scrivener for Windows. Can you help?

Didn’t you copy the Scriv projects to the portable drive? What you are showing is not Scrivener projects, or are you showing subfolders?

I just dragged and dropped all the files to the portable drive.

In that case there should be a folder named *.scriv for every project. Inside it there is a file named *.scrivx which is the one you double click or open in Scrivener.

Thanks, but there is no file with that suffix in there. Everything is either folders with .rtfd at the end, .txt or this: binder.scrivproj. There is an xml file, too. But no .scrivx

The thing is that on a Mac a project looks like it’s only a file named *.scriv, but this is actually a “package”, a folder. So if you have copied such a “file” to a portable drive, you end up with what Windows see as a folder named *.scriv. Inside that folder you have all the files you need, including the *.scrivx.

You didn’t by any chance do it another way, using File -> Sync -> with External Folder ?

I didn’t sync, no, just dragged and dropped. The .scriv folders are there but there are definitely no .scrivx files inside them. By clicking through folders, though I can open .text files with the work in them, but I have no idea of the sequence and, given they are part-written novels, it would take forever to open and sort one at a time.

When I look at my Scrivener projects, showing Package content, at the top level in the ‘folder’ (name.scriv) there are a few folders – like Files, QuickLook, Settings, Snapshots – and one file: name.scrivx

Under Files I have, among other things, the folder Docs which contains the actual text files, which are all *.rtf. Your files are *.rtfd
The files you are showing

What version of Scrivener did you have on the Mac? An old version?

Yes, I had an old version of Scrivener.

Since your Mac has died, I would suggest you email support and ask if the Scrivener gang would be so kind as to help you out here.

talktidy is right. With an earlier version of the project structure, possibly from before there even was a Windows version of Scrivener, you need help from the L&L people.
Mail the support.

Thanks both for taking the time to try to resolve my problem. I really appreciate it. I will contact Scrivener support, as you say.

In the end, the extremely helpful technical support took all my files and converted them for me. Trouble was they were exported from a very early version of Scrivener from a dead Mac. Sorted now, so thanks all for the advice.

Thanks, they helped a lot.

Glad everything worked out in the end, and as usual the L&L people can fix most things that occur, in spite of being such a small group of people. :slight_smile: