How do I import projects from Mac version 1.5.4 to Windows?


I’m trying to copy projects from Scrivener v1.5.4 on the Mac to the Windows trial version. The locked topic at the top of the forum suggests it should just be a matter of copying the files, but when I try to copy the .scriv file from my Mac to my PC I get a directory tree at the other end with no .scriv file to open. How can I copy these projects over?

Peter Milley

The Windows version cannot open 1.x Mac projects because that older format uses Mac proprietary formats for its settings and data files. You will need to upgrade the projects to the standards compatible 2.x project format. If you do not wish to actually upgrade to 2.x of Scrivener, then you can just download the demo and use it to convert the projects. Just bear in mind that once you do that, and start working on them on Windows, you’ll no longer be able to use the 1.54 version of Scrivener to edit them. So if you intend to work on two platforms, you might consider the $25 upgrade.

Thanks, Amber.

My intention is to move to Windows entirely (the Mac in question is an old Macbook nearing the end of its life); I just want to make sure I can port existing projects over before I shell out for the full Windows version. I suppose I’ll try downloading the demo Mac version then.

All right, then the demo route will be the way to go. Just open each project you’ve ever created to play it safe, since you’ll be giving up the Mac. Each project will ask if you wish to update the format. Click Okay and it will create a backup of the 1.54 version project, then update it to the new format. After it updates, it opens automatically so you can preview in the new demo and make sure everything made the transition (it should be 100% fine; it’s been a couple of years now since the 2.x version and all of the known update quirks have been ironed out by now).

Now when you copy the .scriv over to Windows, you should see a “project.scrivx” file in the top folder. That’s the thing to double-click on with Windows. Let us know if you run into any snags!