How do I increase the board size from default… or can i not?

So i searched the PDF contents, read quite a few sections and search “page” “Page size” and “board” but coming up blanks…

Tell me it isn’t so. Changing page size to custom A1/A2 whatever page size doesn’t change anything at all which is against the flow of every Mac application I have ever used since the 512K Mac.

This is a deal breaker if I can’t have larger pages, yes I could go for 1pt notes I suppose…

I’m using demo version, I liked it for my first writing exercise perhaps it’s feature limited by demo?

Not sure I understand your question. But…

Set the page format at File > Page Setup > Page Attributes.

Click on View > Page Guides and you’ll see pages — as you’ve defined them above — outlined in faint gray lines, which vary as you change the zoom level.

If it’s the size of the page on screen, you can simply pull edges or corners to suit your requirements. If it’s the portion of the screen occupied by your project, you can vary that with the zoom slider at bottom right.


Thanks, not sure I understand the answer but will play with those controls and come back.

I want to put many more notes on the page. I have half filled the page with a dozen notes.

Okay thanks. I see the problem now:

I changed from A4 portrait to A0 landscape but there was no indication of a size change with Apple’s dodgy half-the-time-hidden scroll bars that drive many people nuts. It looked as if there had been no change whatever page sizes I choose. So it tried ⌘ + “—” and ⌘ + “+” to zoom and of course they didn’t work either. Didn’t occur to look for a zoom slider or in menus ! why i couldn’t find this in the Help PDF doesn’t reflect well on Help PDF spent 10 minutes reading and looking.

Also when I exported to PDF even though page size is A0 it printed at about A4 just around the notes. same reason why roll bars are locked to note using area I suppose… feature or bug depending on POV :wink:

I use a Wacom tablet so it would be nice to have a stylus based Zoom shortcut as my stylus has no wheel and I don’t have a spare $200 to get one.

Oka. View > Zoom to Random is the most random menu command i’ve ever seen in the hundreds of apps and helpers scripts i’ve used!