how do i keep the files/cards in one line and not indented?

I keep doing silly things to try to get the cards, as I shift them not in corkboard but i the binder view, to be in alignment and not indented. if they are indented they don’t show up in corkboard, which is not good.

how does one do this?

thanks so much.


Try selecting the documents you want to move in the Binder, and use Documents > Move > and experiment with the directions.

To avoid creating an indented hierarchy in the Binder, be careful not to drag your stuff onto another document, which will automatically place your stuff inside that document. The visual cue for this is a rounded rectangle around the target intended to be the receptacle for your drag and drop action. Basically, unless you’re sure you want your dragged document to be inside the document highlighted with the rounded rectangle, don’t let go of your mouse button.

There’s a degree of subtle sensitivity when moving the documents around in the Binder that can help reposition them in the hierarchy. If you’ve accidentally dragged a document inside another one and you don’t want to use the Move submenu, you can start dragging your document up or down, depending on whether you want it above or below the document it’s currently “inside”. (If you want to drag a document below its current “container” and if there are multiple documents already in that container, you need to drag it so that it’s below the last documented listed in the container you’re dragging it from – it’s hard to describe, but if you experiment, you’ll see what I mean.) As you carefully drag a document between others in the Binder list, you’ll see a little preview of where it’ll land if you drop it – it’s a horizontal line with a little round handle on the left end. The horizontal position of the handle indicates where you are in the hierarchy.


Thank you, I understand.


Aislng :confused: