How do I maintain Corkboard mode in Windows

I am trialling Scrivener Windows, having used it on Mac for a number of years. I want to keep the view in Corkboard mode when I move between documents. However it keeps changing from Corkboard mode each time I change documents. Is there a setting that I an change to keep it in Corkboard mode? Thanks!

The corkboard Group View Mode is one of Three Group View Modes Scrivener offers. “Changing documents” in Corkboard View Mode is done by clicking another Index Card. Changing folders should result in a new set of Index Cards. You can select several folders to ‘stack’ the sets of cards. Switching from a card to text in the Editor is done by clicking the icon on the card.

Selecting only one document in the Binder will not show the document in the Corkboard, but in the Editor, because it’s not a Group, like folders or documents with subdocuments.

Locking a Group to a specific Group View Mode is possible via the bottom item in the context menu of the icon in the titlebar of the View.
So, you could lock folders to a specific View, like the Corkboard.

And to add on to Antoni you can go to the Layout Manager to set your default view to make sure this is the view opening for your project giving the proviso that multiple files are currently being viewed.

However it keeps changing from Corkboard mode each time I change documents.

The key word here may be ‘files’? Your preferred group view mode is something only used by groups when clicking on them. By default that only means outline items with a folder icon, but you can broaden that to mean all groups of things with the Treat all documents with subdocuments as folders setting, in the Behaviors: Folders & Files tab. So that may help you out a bit.

But if you mean ‘file’ in the sense of an outline node with nothing nested beneath it, or the single-page icon, then those will never use group views by default. But, in conjunction with the above setting, once you turn it on and add things beneath it, then the icon changes to a stack of paper, and they will use the corkboard on click.


Thank you so much AntoniDol, Goalie Dad and AmberV for taking the time to reply. I really appreciate it. I will try these tips when I’m back at my research tomorrow