How do I make a to-do list?

I’m relatively new to Scrivener and still learning basics. I know people create to-do lists but I haven’t been able to find anything in User Guide or tutorials. Can someone point me to the right place to look, or give me a quick how-to?

An aside: phpBB (that powers this forum) is a time-honored BB app but there is one maddening thing about it - you can’t search for phrases by enclosing the phrase in quotes like you can in Google and most search engines and some other BB software. So a search for “to do list” brought up 8000+ results, perhaps all the posts ever in this forum, because it returned any post with the word “to” in it, or “do” or “list”. Sigh. Maddening.

Yeah, I agree there are better forum applications out there, but this one came pre-installed with our host for free, and considering that it was set up back when L&L consisted of one part-time school teacher… it only makes sense. :slight_smile:

You won’t find anything in the user manual for making a to-do list because there isn’t a feature for it and the manual tries (often unsuccessfully—my fault) to stay away from usage scenarios as it spends enough pages merely describing the software. You may find the default Status markers to suffice for this, that is what they are for. Every new project comes with a “To Do” and “Done” prefab status. If you want you can set up a saved search collection looking for the status “To Do” to give yourself a concise list. The idea is, rather than centralise a list that you must go to to modify, the entire manuscript and all of its associated research itself can become the to do list.

That’s a great suggestion, AmberV. I’m too new to be able to think up something like that on my own. I do like staggered lists but that’s asking an awful lot of an app that already does so much! If the status isn’t limited to just “To do” and “Done” - that is, if I can add my own statuses (stati?) and assign more than one status to a file, I can devise a workaround. I’ll look at that tomorrow.

Well you can make lists as well since Scrivener is basically already an outliner, and in fact using the Outliner view mode might be easier (and give you that staggered list you are looking for). Just ignore that the things you are creating can have a lot of content, because they don’t have to. Using empty items merely for their title and a little meta-data in the inspector has all sorts of practical uses.

And yes, you have full control over status, you can even call it something other than “Status” if you like. That can be set up by choosing the “Edit…” option at the bottom of the list.

I was wondering about Outliner already, I’ll try that. Thanks.