How do I make footnotes appear at the bottom of pages?

This may count as more of a pages problem than scrivener but it arose because of my desire to use scrivener. Basically I have been experimenting with footnotes (since I do some academic writing) and when I tried copy and pasting a few lines of text into pages I find that the footnote appears immediately after the text rather than at the bottom of the page. Is there a setting or option to put the footnotes at the bottom of the page?


I’m afraid you’ll have to go through an intermediate word processor such as Word or Nisus Writer to get the footnotes into Pages properly. Unfortunately Pages only supports .doc, .docx and .pages file formats properly, all three of which are proprietary (Apple provides developers with exporters for .doc and .docx but they aren’t really extensible, and don’t support things like footnotes). Pages doesn’t support the open and widely-used RTF format very well, unfortunately (it supports it, but doesn’t support footnotes, images, headers and footers or page breaks in RTF). Most other decent word processors do, and it’s the best format to use with Scrivener.

Please take the time to tell Apple that you would like better RTF support in Pages, and tell them them why:

Pages’ lack of RTF support means that it only really works as a way of exchanging files with Word users; it isn’t great for integrating in a workflow with other programs.

If you save to RTF and open the RTF file in Word and save that as a .doc or .docx file, Pages will open the .doc or .docx file with footnotes at the bottom. (If you open an RTF file saved from Scrivener in Word, Nisus Writer, Mellel or OpenOffice, you will see that the footnotes appear as they should.)

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Thanks for the prompt and useful help. I suppose I’m fortunate that I have word on my windows 7 parallel. I’ve sent the feedback like you suggested and hopefully apple will listen!