How do I make my corkboard look like this screenshot?

There is this screenshot for the Windows version of Scrivener. This one here: … s-cork.jpg

The corkboard index cards have little colored rectangles running down their right sides. I’ve fiddled with settings and features and been all through the tutorial, but I can’t figure out where those are coming from. Where are they coming from and how do I get them?

Those are keyword chips. You can add keywords to a document using the keyword tab in the inspector (click the icon of the key in the inspector footer) or by dragging and dropping from the project keywords window (Project > Show Project Keywords) to the document in the binder, corkboard, or outliner. To show the keyword chips on the corkboard, enable View > Corkboard Options > Show Keyword Colors. You can set the number of keyword chips to display per card by clicking the icon of the four rectangles in the right of the editor footer while in corkboard mode, and you can specify the colours by double-clicking the colour chip for the word in the Project Keywords window.

Yessss. Delicious multi-color-coded cards. I love this, thank you!

Watch out. Colour-coding is addictive. :wink: