How do I mark a paragraph to apply different formatting?

I am creating a novel that has fairly standard formatting. I understand that Scrivener is not intended to be a full-blown word processor, but I have some paragraphs in the narrative that need to be formatted differently when I compile the project.

If I were talking about a word processor here, I guess what I would be talking about is a style. I could apply this to all the paragraphs I need to be different and then decide later exactly how these will be formatted.

I did try to create two presets as an experiment. Normally, I format the first paragraph of a new chapter with no first-line indent and all subsequent chapters with a first-line indent. I tried setting up two presets for this. When I compile, they do seem to have done something - the first line of a new chapter has a single indent while subsequent paragraphs have their first line double-indented, but I have no idea how change this to what I want.

Perhaps a bigger question is how I can find out what style/preset is applied to a given paragraph.

Sorry if this question is asking simple stuff. I am completely new to Scrivener.

  • Patrick

Have you done the tutorial?